Our Mission

Headquartered at the historic Villa Grébovka in Prague, Czech Republic, the CEELI Institute is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the development and training of an international network of legal and judicial professionals committed to advancing the rule of law.

Through innovative training programs and other activities, the Institute works with judges, lawyers and civil society actors to build laws-based societies. The CEELI Institute prides itself on the diversity and quality of the programs it has developed, the peer to peer exchanges it fosters, the innovative nature of its programming, and its legacy of contributing to the advancement of the rule of law in vulnerable countries. Our efforts are focused on creating independent, transparent, and effective judiciaries, strengthening democratic institutions, fostering efforts to combat corruption, bridging difficult conflicts, promoting human rights, and supporting lawyers and civil society actors in repressive environments. Since our founding we have worked with over 10,000 judges, lawyers and civil society representatives from over 45 countries.


Globalizing the rule of law


Advancing The Rule Of Law

The mission of the CEELI Institute is to advance the rule of law in the world in order to protect fundamental rights and individual liberties; promote transparent, incorruptible, accountable governments; lay the foundation for economic opportunity and growth; and encourage peaceful resolution of disputes.

Implementing the mission

The Institute Implements its Mission by:


  • providing world-class, interactive training and skills development to legal professionals and others committed to the rule of law, both at the Institute’s state-of-the-art facility in Prague and locally in other countries, as requested,
  • convening professional conferences, exchanges, and retreats and serving as a private venue for international meetings discussions, and negotiations,
  • continuing its historical readiness to respond promptly to emerging threats to the rule of law and a willingness to partner with other organizations that complement the Institute’s resources and further its mission,
  • remaining committed to the pro bono ethic of the Institute’s founders and distinguished faculties, and
  • maximizing the relevance, effectiveness, and impact of the Institute’s programs.