Transparency International Czech Republic‘s Director, David Ondráčka, joined CEELI Institute Anti-Corruption Faculty, Homer Moyer, and Sue Ringler, for a final discussion on strategies for preventing official corruption. Although this week’s training was primarily about investigating and prosecuting official corruption, participants also gained familiarity with measures, in addition to prosecutions, that are variously deployed to prevent official corruption.Anti-Corruption TI and Homer

Mr. Ondráčka spoke about the role that Transparency International plays in reducing instances of corruption in the Czech Republic and other countries throughout the world. He emphasized that moving towards electronic systems that make data on public procurement contracts readily available will increase transparency and the opportunity to identify corrupt practices. Training faculty member, Sue Ringler added that by creating an electronic platform for tendering processes, opportunities to bribe public officials could also be dramatically reduced.

Following the discussion, participants and faculty gathered together for a final luncheon and group photo in the Vila Grébovka.