November 4-5 the CEELI Institute hosted its second Roundtable in Prague for 34 non-high court judges and court administrators from 17 countries in the region.  The program centered on best practices for building the public’s confidence in the judiciary and effective anti-corruption efforts as well as on developing governance structures for the Network.

The Honorable Theodore Sedgwick, U.S. Ambassador to Slovakia, opened the Roundtable with remarks on the challenges facing the judiciary in Slovakia and strategies that the U.S. Embassy is developing with Slovak stakeholders.  Two expert faculty, the Honorable Mark L. Wolf, United States District Judge, and the Honorable Jan Westhoff, Vice-President of the Amsterdam District Court, led Roundtable discussions with several participant judges who served as co-moderators.

November’s Roundtable saw the Central & Eastern European Judicial Exchange Network come to life as participants exchanged experiences, shared lessons learned and set personal objectives. Participants also committed to developing the Network into a self-sustaining entity and established several future objectives toward achieving this goal, including an internal strategic workshop to be held at the CEELI Institute in early December.

To-date the Network has reached a total of 51 non-high court judges and court administrators from 18 different countries across Central & Eastern Europe.  This past year, several of these participants also took part in other CEELI Institue programs, including our Anti-Corruption Workshop and training program for Tunisian judges.