CEELI Institute Executive Director Christopher Lehmann and Judge Cristi Danilet from Romania recently led a panel at the Annual Conference of the International Association of Administrative Courts (IACA) held in the The Hague in May, where they were asked to present the CEELI Institute’s The Manual on Independence, Impartiality and Integrity of Justice. The Manual is a unique tool, representing a systematic survey of virtually all relevant international standards applicable to the function, performance and operation of the judiciary. It cross-references over 130 international conventions and other sources of public international law, organizing relevant sources according to thematic categories of interest and use to judges in their work. The tool is, in short, a map to the judicial profession and the international standards that underpin it. The Institute is deeply grateful to the young judges from Central and Eastern Europe who worked so hard to bring the Manual to publication.  The Manual represents an extraordinary commitment of time and effort by the judges, who undertook extensive independent research and editing, coming together periodically at the Institute to coordinate and collaborate on their work. It is already being widely used and referenced in the region. It is particularly useful in societies still undergoing transitions, and where the judiciaries are still struggling to assert and establish their full independence.

The IACA special session was dedicated exclusively to the us of the Manual and was attended by an audience of over 70 international practitioners and judges. The Manual can be found on the CEELI Institute website: http://hrd.ceeliinstitute.org/judicial-manual/