On May 26-28, the CEELI Institute organized its second training for the Tunisian Anti-Corruption Agency, focused on corruption detection and basic financial investigation techniques. Held at the Agency premises in Tunis, the training has brought together representatives from various Tunisian state bodies, including judges, government controllers, members of municipal councils and civil society representatives, as well as Agency staff members. The broad variety of participant backgrounds enabled a lively discussion with input from various points of view – a discussion much needed in order to establish a well-functioning anti-corruption policy. During their group sessions, the participants singled out several crucial sectors – the banking sector including providing and repaying loans, mining, energy and natural resources, and real estate – as the most pressing areas where corruption is prevalent and greater transparency policy is needed.

The training is part of a broader program of cooperation between the CEELI Institute and the Tunisian Anti-Corruption Agency, supported by the International Legal Assistance Consortium and the Swedish International Development Agency.