The CEELI Institute Announces a Second 2015 Session of its Course on the Investigation and Prosecution of Public Corruption, November 2-6, 2015, Prague

Demand this year for our May course was so high that we are delighted to announce a second session of our signature anti-corruption course on the investigation and prosecution of public corruption cases. This five day highly interactive training provides participants with a comprehensive framework for initiating and pursuing corruption cases. The course will take place at the Villa Grebovka in Prague the week of November 2-6, 2015, and is designed to walk participants through the actual investigation of a case involving official corruption. Participants will work in small groups, to develop their own investigation strategy, learning to use time tested investigative tools and to develop practical skills along the way. Participant efforts are augmented by expert guidance and instruction. Over the course of five days, students will:

  • Learn to identify transactional red flags, and evaluate possible cases of official corruption
  • Analyze publically available information to detect signs of corruption
  • Develop an Investigative Plan and take the first steps in pursuing their proactive investigation
  • Consider what documents to access—and how to get them
  • Discuss how to utilize law enforcement tools to access financial records
  • Consider how to acquire and use legally collected electronic evidence
  • Use Invoices, payment ledgers, receipts and support, travel records to support the investigation
  • Undertake Forensic Analysis of relevant financial evidence necessary to “follow the money”
  • Learn techniques for effectively conducting interviews of potential witnesses and targets
  • Prepare and present a summary of their investigation, supported by the necessary evidence and considering possible defenses and challenges that will be faced at trial
  • Consider non-investigative measures to prevent and expose official corruption

The Institute continues to bring together the world’s most experienced anti-corruption prosecutors, forensic accountants and practitioners as faculty to design and teach this course.

See brochure below for more detailed information:


To reserve a place or for more information, please email or call +420 222 520 057
2,000 USD – Full course and materials with lodging. Breakfast, lunch and refreshments included.
1,500 USD – Full course and materials without lodging. Lunch and refreshments included.

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