The CEELI Institute is happy to report a successful first day of a weeklong anti-corruption course here at the Vila Grébovka. Our participants include judges, prosecutors, legal experts, and professors from all over eastern Europe, with enthusiastic representation from Albania, Moldova, and Ukraine. We are excited to welcome faculty from all over Europe and the United States to give lectures, lead the discussions, and facilitate the trainings all week long. 

Today’s training began with a mini-lecture on international legal structure, followed by electronic polling of all the participants on issues like judicial effectiveness, citizen engagement, and governmental integrity in their home countries. This was followed by the introduction of today’s case study, dealing with issues of airport security, and participants engaged in group work and discussion centered on the exercise. 

This evening, after a final faculty lecture on investigation techniques and the conclusion of the case study exercise, participants will relax after a long day’s work with wine and hors d’oeuvres on the terrace of our lovely Vila Grébovka.