The CEELI Institute has partnered with the International Association of Women Judges (IAWJ) to deliver a two-day interactive session focused on gender aspects of corruption and, in particular, on “sextortion” – requesting sexual favors as a form of abuse of power and corruption. While typically unreported and not as visible and media-attractive as large-scale financial corruption, sexually motivated abuse of power brings just as serious damage to people’s lives and dignity.

The workshop, led by experienced trainers Nancy Hendry, Judge Mary Davis, and Tunisian Judge Mariem Sassi, was organized for the Tunisian Anti-Corruption Authority (INLUCC).

Thirty participants, including judges, INLUCC investigators, journalists, and civil society representatives took part in the session, organized on October 4-5 in Tunis.

INLUCC President Chawki Tabib delivered opening remarks, outlining the importance of women participating in the fight against corruption – from reporting sextortion to overcoming the existing constraints to come forward as whistleblowers.