Ceeli institute’s

20th Anniversary fundraising campaign

2020 is a milestone year for the CEELI Institute – our 20th anniversary. For two decades, the Institute has championed the Rule of Law in Central and Eastern Europe and across the globe, by promoting independent judiciaries, accountable governments, and human rights. This work continues even through the pandemic, as CEELI deftly negotiates the delivery of our programs via our state-of-the-art online learning platforms.

To celebrate our 20th Anniversary milestone, we have launched an ambitious campaign with the goal of raising one million dollars by May 31st, 2021. This support will ensure that the Institute has a firm foundation to continue and expand its work.

Our campaign is well underway, already having received $595,000 in pledges. We ask you to join in this effort. With your support, we can continue our work with the next generation of lawyers, judges, and civil society activists to advance the rule of law globally for years to come.

$ 595.000 $ 1.000.000

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Globalizing the rule of law