Watch the recording of the latest in a series of lively, non-partisan discussions across America with local thought leaders who discussed the building blocks of the rule of law and addressed questions such as:

  • What is the rule of law and why is it so central to America’s democracy and prosperity?
  • Who is responsible for maintaining the rule of law?
  • How does a robust or weak rule of law affect our everyday lives?

Hosted by Drake University Law School and Drake Constitutional Law Center.


Welcome by Erin Lain, Associate Provost and Professor of Law, Drake Law School.

Carol Hunter, Executive Editor, The Des Moines Register.

Mark Kende, Director, Constitutional Law Center, Drake University Law School.

Hon. James “Jim” Leach, Former Republican Member of Congress, Iowa.

Hon. Edward Mansfield, Justice, Iowa Supreme Court.

Homer Moyer (Moderator), Past Chair, IBA Rule of Law Forum