On June 10-12, 2015, twenty-six representatives from a wide range of Tunisian stakeholder agencies with anti-corruption responsibilities, including the Tunisian Anti-Corruption Agency, Instance Vérité & Dignité, the Finance Ministry, and the High Commission for Administrative and Financial Control, participated in CEELI’s training on forensic accounting and new tools to fight against corruption which took place at the Hotel Ramada in Tunis, Tunisia. The training was led by two international experts, Jean-Michel Ferat and Jean-Louis Herail, who both have vast knowledge and extensive professional backgrounds dealing with fraud detection, money laundering, high-level corruption, and other forms of fraud.

During the three-day training the participants got familiar with current approaches and strategies employed for the investigation and prosecution of international anti-corruption efforts. The trainers presented on how to identify, acquire, and preserve relevant information for investigation, and on the different types of forensic accounting and what the new trends of computer forensics are. The trainers also presented concrete examples of investigation of high-level corruption such as the case surrounding the UN Oil for Food Program.

The training was organized within CEELI’s multi-year program which aims to provide support and training to the newly established Tunisian Anti-Corruption Agency, Instance Nationale de Lutte Contre Corruption (INLUCC). The program is generously supported by the Swedish International Development Agency and is in partnership with the International Legal Assistance Consortium.