Judging in the Pandemic: Trial by Video Link

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced incredible pressures on criminal justice systems across the globe, not least of which is how to ensure access to justice in a time where courtroom trials are all but impossible. Promoting uses of technology that enhance the justice system and enable more efficient, timely, and accessible justice for all is a key responsibility of any modern judiciary. However, technology must be introduced thoughtfully and carefully: encouraging the use of technology and online hearings whilst also providing that fair trial rights are met, and transparent open justice is observed for hearings is vital for rule of law and human rights.

This series explores how courts adapt to these challenges and provides useful guidance from experts and practitioners on navigating the complex environment. Speakers for this series offer wide-ranging, regional, and international perspectives. Guest speakers include judges, lawyers, academics, researchers, and leading voices from NGO and CSO organizations together with subject matter experts from European Institutions.

This initiative forms part of our work with the Judicial Network in Central and Eastern Europe. There are currently 25 judges from the region taking part and exploring topics such as E-justice, Remote Judging International Standards, Fair Trials, Rule of Law, and Human Rights.