Judiciaries in Peril, Spotlight on Bulgaria

The judiciary in Bulgaria is subject to harassment, political attacks, and media smear campaigns. The protection of judicial independence and rule of law is further undermined by parliamentary amendments to legislation which have spurred controversy. While efforts at judicial reforms are ongoing, the judiciary continues to face institutional challenges, including parliamentary control over the structure of the Supreme Judicial Council, and a high level of political influence and interference with it.

Other challenging issues include ineffective management of the court system, the never-ending introduction of e-justice, and thorny issues or judicial reorganization which might potentially lead to the closure of some courts.

The first session in our Spotlight series shines a spotlight on these issues facing Bulgaria’s judiciary, outlining how that judiciary is in peril and the particular challenges facing it.

The conversation was led by Judge Kalin Kalpakchiev, Head of the Bulgarian Judges Association, and Bilyana Wegertseder, Director of Bulgarian Institute for Legal Initiatives (BILI Foundation).

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Central & Eastern European Judicial Exchange Network

The CEELI Institute’s Central and Eastern European Judicial Network, now in its eighth year, is comprised of some of the best and brightest rising judges from eighteen countries who gather regularly to share best practices on issues of judicial independence, integrity, accountability, and court management. As international in-person meetings are likely to be limited for some time to come, the Spotlight Series ensures that the Network can continue to meet its mandate to promote judicial independence, and improve judicial integrity and court efficiency in Central and Eastern Europe, despite the global lockdowns resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.