On June 3, CEELI Institute Board member, JUDr. Ivana Hrdličková, spoke at the 20th Annual Prague College International Conference, Shared Values, lecturing in one area of her expertise, Islamic Finance. The title of her lecture was “An Ethical Perspective on Islamic Finance for a Non-Muslim Population.”  

Lecture Abstract:

For the last twenty years, the principles and application of Islamic law, including Islamic finance, have taken centre stage, to the extent that some non-Muslim countries, such as the UK or Luxembourg, are now considered hubs of Islamic finance. Non-Muslim clients of Islamic financial institutions are usually looking for financing that is based on ethical principles, and Islamic finance offers an alternative to conventional way of financing. There are many questions to be answered concerning this issue. What are the real ethical values of Islamic finance? What are the most significant differences between Islamic financing and more conventional methods of financing? Is Islamic finance in non-Muslim countries compatible with the local legislative frameworks it operates under, and which laws can be used to formulate Islamic finance contracts?

The 2014 Prague College International Conference, Shared Values is taking place this week over the course of four days, with a selection of talks and seminars given by local and international speakers, focusing on the areas of Strategy, Finance, CSR, and Business Ethics. Read more on the Conference website.