The CEELI Institute supported the creation of a new publication, “NGOs and the Judiciary – Watchdog Activities, Interactions, Collaboration, Communication” which has been developed under the leadership of the Polish Institute for Law and Society (INPRIS) and in cooperation with five partner organizations from V4 and Balkan countries, including: the CEELI Institute,  Albanian Helsinki Committee (Albania), VIA IURIS (Slovakia), Coalition of Civil Associations “All for fair trials” (Macedonia), and Yucom (Serbia).

The publication is the result of  collaborative work involving all partner organizations. It has been updated on the basis of research conducted by partners in their home countries, as well as the outcomes of the meeting of all organizations in Warsaw in 2015.

Part I of the publication summarizes general recommendations, as well as specific recommendations addressed to the judiciary and to NGOs. Every recommendation is followed by a number of best practice examples that serve as sources of inspiration for improving legal framework and building better relationships between NGOs and the judiciary. Part II contains excerpts from country reports drafted by all partner organizations. Finally, Part II includes annexes with the recommendations translated into Albanian, Macedonian and Serbian.

The present publication was prepared in the framework of the project “NGOs and the Judiciary – Watchdog Activities, Interactions, Collaboration, Communication”, which was supported by the Visegrad Fund ( and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea (

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