Assistant Secretary of State for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL), William Brownfield, presented the opening remarks at a “Forum on Eliminating Corruption and Promoting Economic Development in Ukraine,” sponsored by the Rule of Law Collaborative (Justice Sector Training, Research and Coordination-JusTRAC), University of South Carolina, and the CEELI Institute.  The program was funded through a grant from INL. Among those also speaking were US Charge d’Affaires Steve Kashkett, Sergei Leshchenko, Member of the Ukrainian Parliament, and the Hon. Richard D. Bennett, U.S. District Court Judge (District of Maryland).

The program, held of July 20-21, 2015, brought together policy makers, government officials, business leaders, civil society representatives and academics to discuss challenges posed in Ukraine by endemic corruption, as well as to explore opportunities for greater coordination and collaboration.  Specific panels addressed Preventive Strategies for Countering Corruption, Enhancement of the Enforcement Capacity of Anti-Corruption Institutions, the Role of Civil Society and Media in Addressing Corruption, the Current Business Landscape in Ukraine, Perspectives on Enhancing Commercial Investment, and Commercial Sector Reform.