Judge Cristi Danileț, a member of CEELI’s Central and Eastern Europe Judicial Exchange Network and trainer on CEELI’s Tunisia programs, recently blogged about the past, present, and future of the Romanian judicial system. Here are some of Judge Danileț’s thoughts:

  • “The result of this way of organizing the judiciary, in late 2003, are disastrous: a single case with a politician convicted for corruption, only a few magistrates convicted for corruption under probation, lack of transparency, public confidence in the justice was at the level of 22%. Personally, I can say with certainty that at that time the career of judges and prosecutors were controlled by politicians and the Romanian judiciary was not independent. The justice was inefficient.”
  • “At the end of ten years of reform, the results are extraordinary: people above the law in the past, are now in prison, convicted for serious corruption offenses; prosecutors conduct investigations in a neutral way, destroying crime networks comprising businessmen, politicians and even judges; Judges sanctions farms; process takes more quickly. Confidence in the justice reaches 44%.”
  • “We need an authentic professional culture of judges: magistrates understand now their social role and participate actively in the life of the city.”

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