This June, Tunisia formally launched the Truth and Dignity Commission, first announced in December 2013 after being voted in by the Tunisian National Constituent Assembly. The formation of the Commission came as part of a greater transitional justice law passed in December, which sought to address past human rights violations. The Commission will target human rights abuses, particularly those involving women and children, investigating claims of violations dating all the way back to 1951. The launch occurred on June 9 in Tunis, after a long six months of finalizing Commission members and duties.
The launch took place at an International Conference, during which UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon spoke and Archbishop Desmond Tutu appeared in a recorded message. Both messages were congratulatory but warned of the challenges ahead, which were then discussed by representatives from all over the world who have experienced firsthand the obstacles similar commissions have faced.

Members of the CEELI Institute have been lucky to witness Tunisia in its post-revolutionary reformation through our extensive judicial training program, Training Judges for a Democratic Society, and anti-corruption programs in Tunis.