On March 7-8, nine judges from Central and East European Judicial Exchange Network met at the CEELI Institute in Prague to continue their work on a reference manual that will compile relevant international standards on judiciary integrity.  The Judges’ efforts to catalog international standards and provide them in practical format, both on-line and in print, will provide an effective and easy-to-use tool to facilitate the day-to-day work of judges and judicial staff worldwide. During the meeting the participating judges discussed the final phase of Manual production and the strategy of its further promotion. The completed manual will be presented during the June roundtable of the Judicial Exchange Network which will take place from 5-7 June 2015 in Prague. This initiative is a continuation of our ongoing effort, supported by the US Department of State’s Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL), to promote the best practices for judicial transparency and accountability, and to build professional solidarity around issues of judicial integrity.